Amr bil Ma’ruf

Amr bil Ma’ruf means to encourage righteousness. If a Muslim does not follow that which is Wajib, it is Wajib on us to advise him/her to follow the right path provided there is some hope that he/she will follow the advice given.

Amr bil Ma’ruf applies to all the Wajib acts of Islam which have all been called Ma’ruf. i.e. Salaa, Sawm, Khums, Zakaa, Hijab, good akhlaq… Amr bil Ma’ruf is Wajib the first time and Mustahab the second time.

It becomes Wajib when:

  1. One knows what is right and wrong.
  2. One has some hope that the advice will be followed.
  3. The person who is being advised insists on doing wrong.
  4. One knows that by giving advice, one will not come to harm. However, if the basic faith of Muslims is in danger, then it is Wajib upon everyone to do Amr bil Ma’ruf even though by doing so one may come to harm

Nahyi anil Munkar

Nahyi anil Munkar means to discourage that which is Munkar. Munkar means all the things which are haram. I.e. stealing, cheating, drinking, gambling, eating pork…etc. Just like Amr bil Ma’ruf there must be some hope that the advice will be followed by the one who is doing something Haram. Nahyi anil Munkar is wajib the first time and mustahab the second.


Nahyi anil Munkar is done in four stages:

  1. First by facial expression showing dislike of the deed which is haram.
  2. By words of advice.
  3. Warnings or angry words.
  4. By use of physical action to stop the haram act provided one does not get hurt in the process.