Q Ethics

To be a good Muslims means to act ethically towards oneself, family, friends, neighbours, colleagues and strangers.


All ethics are derived from the attributes of Allah.


“Adopt in yourself the akhlaq of Allah”

Prophet (pbuh)


A Muslim Personality

“I have been sent only to raise the ethics  of humankind to their highest station.” Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

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Risalatul Huquq

One of the most important works on various legal and moral rights of human beings is the ‘Treatise on Rights’– Risalatul  Huquq by Imam Ali Zaynul Abideen (pbuh). Transmitted by Tha`bit b. Abi Saffiya, better known as Abu Hamza al-Thuma`li, it is the most comprehensive charter of rights. Imam introduces the rights saying.

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Adabul Muta’ alimeen

This short treatise titled ‘Adab al-Muta’alimeen’ (Etiquettes of the Students) was written by Shaykh Nasir al-Deen al-Tusi, in 7 AH  giving  insight to the methods, mannerisms, attitudes and behaviours for  students of religious knowledge and that which was expected from them by their teachers.

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Inscriptions on doors of Janna & Jahannam

The angel Jibrail once visited the Prophet (pbuh) and narrated to him the inscriptions on the 8 doors of Janna and the 7 doors of Jahannam. They serve as a reminder of the ethics we need to incalcate in our lives. The hadith has been narrated by Abdullah ibn Masud and found in Biharul Anwar.

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Ethics for children

“ISLAM is obedience to the Creator and serving His creation” Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

It is said that a Muslim is the keyhole through which others view Allah.

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