Shawwal is the first of the three months named as “AshHural-Hajj” (i.e. the months of Hajj).

Although the major acts of Hajj are normally performed in the first ten days of Dhulhijjah, yet the whole period starting from the first of Shawwal up to the 10th of Dhulhijjah is held to be the period of Hajj because some acts of Hajj can be performed any time during this period.

For example, an ‘Umrah performed before Shawwal cannot be treated as the ‘Umrah of Tamattu: while the ‘Umrah performed in Shawwal can be affiliated to the Hajj.

For these reasons these three months have been named as the ‘months of Hajj’ and the month of Shawwal has the distinction of being the first of these.


1st Eid ul Fitr

6th Battle of Hunain

8th Destruction of Jannatul Baqee

9th Battle of Ahzab/Khandaq

23rd Battle of Uhud

25th Death anniversary of Imam Ja’fer As-Sadiq (pbuh)

30th Death anniversary of Ibrahim (pbuh) son of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)