Jamad ul Akher

This is the sixth month of the Islamic calendar. The origin of the word Jumada, from which the name of the month is derived, is used to denote dry, parched land (land devoid of rain) and hence denotes the dry months; the first of which was Jamad ul Awwal. This month sees the death and birth anniversary of Sayyida Fatima (pbuh).

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Events of the Month of Jamad ul Akher

3rdDeath anniversary of Sayyida Fatima Zahra (pbuh)
10thBattle of Moota
13thDeath of anniversary of Sayyida Ummulbanin (mother of Harzat Abbas (pbuh))
20thBirthday of Sayyida Fatima Zahra (pbuh)

Sayyida Fatima (pbuh) Timeline

Lifetime of Sayyida Fatima (pbuh)


Let us learn about Sayyida Fatima (pbuh)

Lifetime of Sayyida Fatima (pbuh)

Salawat & Tasbee of Sayyida Fatima Zahra (pbuh)

The merits of the tasbee of Sayyida Fatima beautifully described. Also includes the most effective dua of Sayyida Fatima (pbuh) more commonly known as her salawat

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Farewell to Sayyida Fatima (pbuh)

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Awesome Women of the Qur’an

A brief look at some of the women mentioned in the Qur’an, including lesson we can learn from their lives.

The link between Nabuwwa and Imama

Power point highlighting briefly the personality of Sayyida Fatima (pbuh) and events that took place in her life.

Sayyida Fatima (pbuh) Timeline Circle

Learning aid

Sayyida Fatima (pbuh)

The link between Nabuwwa and Imama

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Sayyida Zaynab (pbuh) Timeline

Lifetime of Sayyida Zaynab (pbuh)