This is the month of Hajj and is also one of the four sacred months, the others being
Dhulqa’da, Muharram and Rajab.

The first 10 nights are highly blessed. It is also one of the 3 months known as Ash hural Hajj (months
of Hajj).

In this month supplications made for fulfilment of crucial needs are heard and accepted.


1st – Birthday of Prophet Ibrahim (pbuh)

1st – The marriage of Imam Ali (pbuh) and Sayyida Fatima (pbuh) was solemnised

7th – Death anniversary of Imam Muhammad Al-Baqir (pbuh)

9th – Day of ‘Arafa

10th – Eid ul Adhaa

15th – Birthday of Imam Ali An-Naqi (pbuh)

18th – Eid ul Ghadeer

24th – Eid ul Mubahila


‘Arafa is called ‘Arafa because it is the day of “ma’rifa” – the day of knowing one’s Rabb (Master) and recognising Him.

The hadith, “Whoever recognizes himself, recognizes his Creator” is narrated for this day.

Imam Husayn (pbuh) in the dua of ‘Arafa says:
“O Rabb! what has he lost who has gained You, and what has he gained who has lost You?”.

It is also the day of acceptance and acknowledgement…

A hadith says; “Those who weren’t able to achieve their purpose and goal in Laylatul Qadr or those who weren’t forgiven on that day, ‘Arafa is the last opportunity for them”.

“This day in its blessedness, sacredness and holiness weighs the same as the Night of Qadr.”

“In days there is no bigger day than Arafa and in Nights there is no greater night than Laylatul Qadr!”

  • Acknowledgement of submission to Divinity
  • Acknowledgement of sins, defects, ignorance, mistakes, failures…. &
  • Acknowledgement of His mercy, benevolence, and forgiveness.
  • Take time out and lay out your plans of how you will reach your full potential….
  • Do not take them for granted.
  • Soften your hearts to allow Divinity to take you to your full potential step by step…..

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