Day of Friday

” Indeed the 24 hours of the night and day of Friday belong to Allah. In every hour there are 600,000 opportunities of freedom from the fire.”   Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

” The recompense of deeds on Friday is twice as much. so avoid sins and perform good deeds to gain more thawaab.”  Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

” The sunrise of Friday is better than all the other days, and the birds too when they meet on Friday say Peace, Peace…… on this righteous day.”  Imam Muhammad Al-Baqir (pbuh)
This implies that there is no better day than Friday from its dawn.

” As soon as the sun sets and Friday begins, Allah orders an angel to announce:

Is there any mu’min servant who before the night ends asks for safety in this world and peace in the hereafter so I may grant it to him/her? Is there any mu’min servant who turns to me in repentance so I may forgive him/her? Is there any mu’min servant who is in distress, seeks livelihood, or seeks good health in illness, or freedom in captivity, or gain in times of loss…… I will grant him/her what is asked for if I am called upon tonight…”  Imam Muhammad Al-Baqir (pbuh)

*The night precedes the day and therefore Friday begins at Maghrib on Thursday.

Some of the recommended amal for the day of Jumua’

  1. Recite Suratul Jumua’ in the first rakat of Fajr salaa and Suratul Ikhlas in the second.
  2. Recite Suratur Rahmaan after the ta’qibaat of Salatul Fajr.
  3. Recite salawat 100x
  4. Recite Suratul Ikhlas 100x
  5. Recite Suratul Ahqaaf and Suratul Mu’minoon after Salatul Fajr.
  6. Recite Ayatul Kursi as many times as possible from Fajr to Dhuhr.
  7. Do ghusl of Jumua’. It is recommended to do ghusl between Fajr and Dhuhr
  8. Cut nails, trim hair, wear neat clean clothes and apply perfume.
  9. Eat a pomegranate for breakfast if possible.
  10. Utilise time in learning about religion.
  11. Visit the graves of relations and mu’mineen.
  12. Recite Dua An-Nudba
  13. Do Istighfaar after Salatul ‘Asr 70x

The day of Jumua’ is associated with Imam Mahdi (pbuh). He was born on a Friday and his zhuhur will be on a Friday. It is recommended to give sadaqa on Friday for his safety and remember him in earnest.