Qiyama is the belief in eternal life, also known as Resurrection. It emphasises the belief in the importance of accountability and God consciousness in everything Muslims do. It is for this reason that there are many descriptions of this day in the Qur’an and why it is considered one of the articles of faith that makes someone a Muslim. The Day of Judgment has more than one name, including the Day of Accountability, the Day of Resurrection, the Hour, and the Last Day.


“And every one of them will come alone to Him on the day of QIyama 19:95

On the day when every soul will be confronted with all the good it has done, and all the evil it has done, it will wish there were a great distance between it and its evil. But Allah cautions you (to fear) Him. And Allah is full of kindness to those that serve Him.



Our happiness on this earth depends on this belief as it reminds us of the consequence of our actions. We therefore realise that our deeds, behaviour, thoughts, words and morals from the most important to the most insignificant have a beginning and an end just like human life. They do not end after the the end of life on earth but remain to be accounted on the last day.This is why belief in Qiyama is considered an essential
requirement for happiness (contentment).


The book looks at the journey of the soul after death.

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