This is one of the four sacred months, the others being Dhulhijja, Muharram and Rajab. It is also one of the 3 months known as Ash hural Hajj (months of Hajj). In this month supplications made for fulfilment of crucial and very necessary needs are heard and accepted.

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Events for the Month of Dhulqa’da

4th – Treaty of Hudaibiya

11th – Birthday of Imam Ali Ar-Ridha (pbuh)

25th – Dahwul Ardh

29th – Death anniversary of Imam Muhammad At-Taqi (pbuh)


Let us learn about Ash-hural Hajj

A children’s manua with an overview of Hajj


Imam Ali Ar-Ridha (pbuh) Timeline

Lifetime of Imam Ali Ar-Ridha (pbuh)