“And for you I shall be an example”

When one repeats the words of Imam Husayn (pbuh) when he said “And for you I shall be an example” the mind builds a picture of him from all the lessons learnt from majalis…

Seeing an awesome human being who exuberated compassion; whose every word even when the swords were drawn against him pleaded for peace and harmony; who abhorred enslavement and the exploitation of the weak; who stood for the freedom of truth.

Husayn taught that the most important mission of life was to strive to portray Islam as it was taught by Muhammad (pbuh).

“And for you I shall be an example”

Imam Husayn (pbuh)

I would therefore like to share with you what Islam is to me. In order for me to do this I need your help. Close your eyes and transport yourself back in time to a busy market place of Makka before the time of the Prophet (pbuh) – the hub of the Arab business world. Life was about material acquisition; the strong thrived on exploiting the weak, women were used and abused and success was measured through the size of the purse. Suddenly a man stands up whom you recognise as Muhammad – The Truthful and Trustworthy one and he says “If you wish to be truly successful then be aware of your Creator, when you see each other greet each other, tell the truth, make good your trust, maintain blood relations, be good to your neighbours, avoid indecency and in the dark of the night when all creation is sleeping, wake up and talk to your Lord and there will be nothing stopping you from reaching your full potential.“

These first words of the Prophet are in essence Islam.

The goal of every Muslim is to seek out his/her full potential physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually so that at the end of life one can thank God for life and say “I did my best”.

We all have a duty of care in order to ensure that compassion and the freedom of truth transcends all colour, creed, cultures and that to bring peace to ourselves we have to oppose those who play God speaking out against their tyranny; and if for a moment we think that our little one voice will not make a difference we only have to look at history.

The Pharoah of Egypt drowned but Moses lives as the true prince of Egypt. The mighty armies of Rome have gone yet Jesus lives. The armies of the Quraysh have long disappeared yet the words of Muhammad march on The armies of Yazid are long forgotten but the saviour of the freedom of truth – one lone man Husayn in the deserts of Iraq still lives and inspires freedom of truth…