Muhammad City Centre

In the centre of the city is 47. Muhammad When planning Madina, the Prophet (pbuh) had the mosque (Masjidun Nabi) as the focal point of religious, intellectual and socio political life. The sura is also known as Suratul Qital (The sura of Battle). It gives the sanction to fight at the Battle of Badr. On its side we have placed 49. Al-Hujurat which related to the living quarters of the Prophet (pbuh). The sura deals with the principles of an Islamic Community and interacting with others.
In close proximity is 76. Insaan which focuses around the charity of the house of Fatima & Ali (pbut). In Madina their house was the only one besides the Prophet’s whose door opened into the mosque.
Near this is 108. Al-Kawthar revealed in reference to Sayyida Fatima (pbuh) and her progeny when the Quraysh called the Prophet ‘abtar’ (one without progeny) when his son died.Every city needs its source of energy and thus 24. Al-Nur


As this centre revolves around the Prophet (pbuh), we have placed 20. Ta Ha and 36. Ya Sin in the city centre too. Both these are titles given to the Prophet (pbuh) and placed near the edge of Muhammad City Centre crossing into the Huruful Muqatta’at Area. Suratu Yaseen (36) is also known as the heart of the Qur’an.


In the centre there is a square called NIDA SQUARE. NIDA’ is calling out. 5 suwer begin with a direct address to the Prophet (pbuh); 33. Al-Ahzab,65. Al-Talaq,66. Al-Tahrim,73. Al-Muzammil*,74. Al-Muddaththir*.
*In these two suratayn, the Prophet is addressed by the titles of Muzzammil (The wrapped one) and Muddaththir (The cloaked one).


In a corner of the city is VICTORY SQUARE which is populated with 48. Al-Fath and 110. Al-Nasr.

94. Al-Inshirah which is partnered with 93. Al-Dhuha in the adjacent QASAM CLOSE consoles the Prophet (pbuh) giving him the encouragement to continue his mission.