What is Qur’an City?


“Rabb! Build for me a house with You in Janna”


The Qur’an encourages investment in real estate in Janna. It is with this encouragement that we decided to teach the structure of the Qur’an through building a city with bricks. The word ‘sur’ means an enclosure also referring to the defensive wall built around a city.

With 114 buildings, Qur’an City is divided into 19 suburbs which circle the City Centre and has a road network called M14* that links all the suburbs with each other. The heights of the buildings represent the number of ayaat of the suwer and can be distinguished as Makki or Madani through their roof tops Yellow for Makki & Green for Madani. There are 86 Makki buildings and 28 Madani buildings. *Representing the 14 Ma’sumeen who are the necessary guidance to navigate Qur’an City.

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