Q School Training Programme (QTP)


Lesson Planning #1

An introductory PowerPoint on how to start a lesson as well as a few example “starter activities.”


Lesson Planning #2

An introductory PowerPoint that details the in’s and out’s of planning an entire course and syllabus, and figuring how individual lessons fit into the grand scheme.


Lesson Planning #3

An introductory PowerPoint that focuses on how individual lessons are structured with example lesson plans and outlines.


Teaching A-Z

An educational PowerPoint for instructors and teachers. This presentation covers important concepts on the subject of learning and provides guiding principles for effective teaching.


Q Teaching

A PowerPoint that explains what good teaching is and how effective teaching strategies can be applied to the QFatima programme.


It’s All About Change

A PowerPoint that explains the ever-changing state of the world and how it must be embraced in order to maximize the impact of your lessons.