Prophet Shu’ayb (pbuh)

And, O my people! give full measure and weight fairly, and defraud not men their things, and do not act corruptly in the land, making mischief. 11:85

And I do not ask you any reward for it, my reward is only with the Lord of the worlds. 26:180


Prophet Ibrahim (pbuh) had a son called Midian who married one of the daughters of Prophet Lut (pbuh). Allah granted them lots of children and they settled in a place which was later to be called Midian (Madyan). It was situated on the outskirts of Hijaz but within the borders of Syria.

Prophet Shu’ayb (pbuh) was sent by Allah to the people of Madyan. They were business people who were not fair in their dealings. They used to short change them.


Story of Prophet Shu’ayb¬†(pbuh)

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