Death Learning Resources

Ghusl of Mayyit

An excellent resource showing at a glance the process required for ghusl of mayyit.



A poster showing the Jareedatayn (Jareeda – singular) which are two fresh twigs without leaves of a tree inscribed with the Shahada (Kalma) wrapped in cotton wool and kept under the armpits of both arms.


Kafan (Shrouding a Mayyit)

A poster showing the layout sequence of the various parts of the kafan (both wajib and mustahab)

Life, Death, & Beyond

Part of the QLife series, this book comprehensively explains the concept of death along with the recommended customs and rituals related to a deceased person.

Visiting Graveyard Bookmark

A handy bookmark with the recitations recommended to be recited when visiting the graveyard.

Salaa Alal Mayyit

A full version of the recitation of Salaa alal Mayyit.


Salaa alal Mayyit Bookmark

Bookmark outlining a short version of Salaa alal Mayyit as well as the method of recitation of Salatul Wahshat & Hadiya Mayyit.