Women Mujtahideen


Nusrat Amin
(The First Woman Mujtahid)

She was born in Isfahan in 1886.Apart from distinguishing herself in the fields of hadith and fiqh, she was also a revered mystic and writer on ethics.

She devoted her life to writing different books, studying, teaching religious courses and answering people`s religious questions.

She established the School of Hazrat-e Fatima (pbuh) and a high school for girls in 1965 in Isfahan.

Her book “Makhazan ul-Erfan fi Feqhel Qur`an”, is a comprehensive intepretation of the Glorious Qur`an in 15 volumes. She is the only female interpreter in the Islamic World to have interpreted the entire Qur`an.

Her scholarly career was accompanied by personal hardship. During her lifetime, she lost seven of her eight children, mainly due to illness, and outlived her husband by nearly thirty years. She died four years after the 1979 revolution at the age of ninety-seven and her grave is at the ancient cemetery of Isfahan.

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Zuhrah Sifaati

Zuhrah Sifaati was born in Abadan in 1948. It was during the latter years of her secondary education that Sifaati read an interview with Nusrat Amin in the journal Nur Danish and was inspired to follow in Amin’s footsteps. Sifaati took preliminary lessons in jurisprudence, literature and Islamic sciences in Abadan. In 1970, she left to attend Qum Theology School to continue her studies. She is one of the very few women who are Mujtahida’s. She co-founded a theology school for women in Qum, which later became known as Maktab-e Tawhid.