Synopsis of talks on ethics


Risalatul Huquq

One of the most important works on various legal and moral rights of human beings is the ‘Treatise on Rights’ – Risalatul Huquq by Imam Ali Zaynul Abideen (pbuh) . Transmitted by Tha`bit b. Abi Saffiya, better known as Abu Hamza al-Thuma`li, it is the most comprehensive charter of rights.


The Human Being

A compilation of lectures on the various aspects of a human being and how to reform oneself to be able to reach one’s full potential.



A compilation of lectures looking at Ibada (connectivity to Allah) and how all the actions of our lives string together with this concept.


Janna on Earth

A compilation of lectures that look at how to make this physical world a comfortable home for spirituality – in other words, being at peace by finding a purpose or deeper meaning to life.



A compilation of lectures describing the meaning of love by analysing the linking of physical self to Allah and therefore to everyone else around.


Clever Thinking

A compilation of lectures looking at self recogition which will enable one to react to situations in the right way – the way that shows that a human being is in control of himself/herself.


The Clock and The Compass

A compilation of lectures focusing on self development and spending our time on that which is most important in our lives.


Qalbe Saleem

A compilation of lectures which take one through practical steps to attain a contented heart and therefore the ability to reach one’s full potential.