019. Suratu Maryam Learning Resources

Maryam Leaflet

A handy leaflet that gives a comprehensive overview of Suratul Maryam.

Qaswa visits no 19 Qur’an City Suratu Maryam

Understanding of Suratu Maryam through the eyes of Qaswa.

Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans

Coming Soon

Suratu Maryam Detailed

Suratu Maryam Detailed Building and Sample Assessment

A questionaire that assesses knowledge of Suratu Maryam coupled with an illustrated Maryam building that provides the answers.

Key Concepts and Key Ayaat of Each Sura

Key concepts and selected ayaat of the sura

Suratu Maryam Building

An illustration showing Suratu Maryam as it stands in Qur’an City.

001. Al-Fatiha-QTube


Lectures and audio files