The preparations for the month of Muharram

1400 years ago, in a desert, one lone man, with one principal has made millions cry out YA HUSAYN every year since then. So who is Husayn? Why Majlis? Why YA HUSAYN?

The Prophet (pbuh) said: “If anybody asks you – What is Islam? What religion is it? Islam is the religion of the heart, the religion in which the most important thing is to seek God in the heart of human kind”.

And if you want to see the heart of Muhammad, look at Husayn. Husaynu bidh atu minniy” “Husayn is a part of me”  Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)


Preparation are done for the ten days leading up to ‘Ashura. Islamic Centres are cleaned, black banners put up, eulogies practiced and worldly business becomes a filed entity… The black clothes, the grieving, the marches and the beating of chests are a protest against  injustice, oppression  and enslavement. A constant reminder of the power of the freedom of  truth. The moon of Muharram marks the beginning of  Majlis e Husayn.

In its technical sense, a majlis is a meeting, a session or a gathering.  In reference to Husayn, it means a gathering to mourn him.  The majalis has for decades instilled the love of learning, it is a university with no age barriers, or qualification process. The guarantee being, one leaves better informed and better connected to those who attend for all come with the same purpose; to become better human beings. 

Every night is dedicated to an individual who gave his life alongside Imam (pbuh). It is a story of tragedies within tragedies and lessons within lessons. Muharram is about acknowledging and learning from every individual who fought and travelled with Husayn. It is about every minute and major sacrifice these people made to stand against a tyrannical ruler.

When we cry out YA HUSAYN,  we see an awesome human being who exuberated compassion – whose every word even when the swords were drawn against him pleaded for peace and harmony; who abhorred enslavement and the exploitation of the weak; who stood for the freedom of truth.