Q Beliefs Learning Resources


Aq’aaid is the plural of aqeeda which means belief.

Tawheed – Monotheism in Islam

The book explains in simple language the concept of Tawheed including the 7 stages of Tawheed.


The book explains the concept of justice in a simple and concise manner.


Ambiya – Prophets of God

Why did Allah send Prophets? Let us look at what Imam Ali (pbuh) says in the first sermon in Nahjul Balagha –
“…These prophets were to draw the attention of human beings towards the blessings of Allah, to convey His message to them, to teach them, to wisely use the treasures hidden in their minds and intellect, …” The book looks at the stories and events from the lives of some of the Prophets.


Let us learn about Ambiya

Part of the “Let us learn” series of learning resources which looks at the personalities of the Ambiya(Prophets) in the form of stories and includes sample worksheets. 


Memorisation of the Prophets’ names

The Qur’an cites 28 Prophets by name. In order to remember them in chronological order, we have devised a series of mnemonics (a mental picture story).



Part of the M14 series, the pocket sized book outlines a brief overview of the lives of each of the 12 Aimma.


Let me learn about Aimmatiy

Let me learn about Aimmatiy (my Imams) is part of a series of resources on the lives of the Ma’sumeen (M14). It covers notes and events from the lives of the 12 Aimma in an easy to understand format, and includes sample worksheets.



The book looks at the journey of the soul after death.