‘Adl literally means to put everything in its rightful place. Sometimes ‘adl is confused with equality. Equality is not a condition for justice, e.g. Justice in a classroom does not mean that all the students are given equal marks; but that marks are given according to ability and effort. Similarly, it would not be ‘adl (justice) if a large oak tree was given the same roots as that of a small sapling.


“….And your Lord is not unjust to anyone….” Suratul Kahf 18:49

‘Adala is believing in nine things:

  1. Allah is for all His creations a just Master.
  2. Allah never does anything wrong (bad).
  3. Allah does not fail to do anything that is necessary.
  4. There is no injustice in Allah’s decisions.
  5. When Allah tests us or gives a command, Allah does not ask beyond what we can do.
  6. Allah will always reward those who obey.
  7. It is for Allah to decide if He so desires to punish.
  8. Adhab will never go beyond what an individual deserves.
  9. Allah does not force anyone to do evil and then punish him.
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Believing in the ‘Adl (Justice) of Allah means that one should not be in a position of accusing Allah of injustice and favouritism. If Allah did something that was unfair, then 4 possibilities arise:

  1. Allah does it knowingly – which would make Him Dhaalim (unjust)
  2. Allah does it unknowingly – which would make him Jahil (ignorant)
  3. Allah has been forced to do it – which makes Him Mohtaaj (reliant on others)
  4. Allah does it as an amusement – which does not make Him Hakim (wise)

Since Allah is not dhalim, jahil, mohtaaj or unwise as Allah is Perfect, then the question of Allah being unjust does not arise.


The book explains the concept of justice in a simple and concise manner.

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