Ramadhan – Words of Imam Ali (pbuh)


  • “No honour is nobler than humility and kindness.”
  • About himself he prayed, “O Lord forgive me for my mistakes the people are not aware of.”
  • His opponents created enmity with him, wronged him, spoke ill of him and came to fight with him still people heard him saying,“Oblige your brothers by warning them, correct them by showing favours and giving them favours.” He said , “You should tie the knot of love and affection with your brother, remembering that your brother is not strong enough to break the knot nor is he capable of harming you.”
  • When the people advised him to treat the oppressors (who had become very strong in the previous regimes) kindly, so that they may not weaken his government, Ali (pbuh) replied, “Your friend is he who saves you from ills and your enemy is he who induces you to do bad deeds. Adopt truthfulness even if you are the loser, and avoid telling lies even if you are profited by it.”

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