Ramadhan – Legacy of Sayyida Khadija (pbuh)


She who captured the heart of Rasulullah (pbuh) and was the love of his life – 

  1. What was it about the Prophet (pbuh) that inspired such love that she laid her life’s work at his feet?
  2. What energised her to take him food every day to the cave where he meditated ? (And she didn’t have funky trainers) Whenever I look at that mountain, I think of her climbing up to take him lunch?
  3. What was it about him that she forsook the ‘respect’ the Makkans (her people, her community) had for her – She was titled ‘Malikatul Arab’?

That is Khadija – she saw him reflect divinity… and in essence that is what life is about – To manifest the attributes of Allah. Did the Prophet (pbuh) not say?

“Takhalluqu bi akhlaqillah” (Adopt in yourself the akhlaq of Allah”

Take home message is: If you want to be loved then manifest the Asmaul Husna…. If you want to love then seek Divinity in him/her…

That is the legacy of Khadija (pbuh)

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