Ramadhan – Imam Ali (pbuh)


‘When a word comes from the heart, it falls onto the heart; but when it comes from the tongue, it will go no further than the ears’

‘The intelligent person seeks perfection whilst the ignorant person seeks possession’

Silence that puts the garment of dignity on you is better than words that bring you remorse’

There is no good in worship without pondering upon its meaning, and no good in reading the Quran without reflection’

‘Your remedy is within you — but you do not sense it.
Your sickness is within you — but you do not perceive it.
You presume that you are a small entity –
whereas within you is concealed the vast world.
You are indeed that magnificent book –
by whose alphabet the hidden becomes evident.
Therefore you have no needs beyond yourself
Your essence and secrets are in you — if only you can reflect’

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