Ramadhan – Ayyamul Biydh 02

What is initially understood by light is physical light that comes from lighted objects such as, the sun, the stars, and man-made lamps without which the world would be shrouded in darkness. 

Light is that which is essentially manifest and makes other things manifest and visible as well; it is clear and it makes  clear; it is apparent and it makes  apparent.  

The application of the word light, however, is not limited to physical light. It can be applied to whatever is “manifest and makes manifest” or, put differently, to whatever is “apparent and makes apparent”.  It has the ability to transform.  

We often refer to knowledge as light, for it is in its essence clear and also sheds light on other realities. 

The Qur’an refers to Eiman as light for it illuminates the heart, guiding one to reach his or her  full potential. 

“He who was lifeless, then We gave him life and provided him with a light by which he walks among the people…” 6:122

So  in a nutshell to energise ourselves especially in this month we need to interact with the frequencies of the Qur’an & the Ma’sumeen and be transformed by them…..

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