Ramadhan – Ayyamul Biydh 01

Imam as-Sadiq (pbuh) has said “Whosever prays during the nights of Ayyamul Biydh stands at the door of the abundant favours and bounties”. 

 The recommended dua is Dua Al Mujeer.

It is a means for forgiveness of   sins even if they are equal to raindrops, leaves on a tree or sand in a desert. 

This Dua was revealed to the  prophet (pbuh) when he was praying  at Maqam-e-Ibrahim.  

Other benefits of the Dua are:

  1. Cure for sickness 
  2. Alleviation of debt 
  3. Increase in sustenance 
  4. Independence 
  5. Solution of problems 
  6. Removal of sorrows

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