Ramadhan 08 – Thursdays in the month of Ramadhan


Imam Muhammad Al-Baqir (pbuh): “As soon as the sun sets and Friday begins, Allah orders an angel to announce ‘Is there any mu’min who before the night ends ask for safety in this world and peace in the aakhira so I may grant it? Is there anyone who turns to me in tawba so I may forgive? Is there anyone who is in distress? Who is seeking livelihood, or seeks health in illness, or freedom in captivity, or gain in times of loss? I will grant whatever is asked for if I am called upon tonight?’”


  • To recite as may times as possible, Tasbihate ‘Arbaa
  • Salawat
  • Suratul Jumua’ in the first rakaat for salatul Maghrib and suratul Ikhlas in the second rakaat. 
  • In  salatul Eisha, suratul Jumua’ in the first rakaat and suratul A’laa in the second.
  • Dua Kumayl
  • Recitation of Qur’an
  • Remembering the Marhumeen

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