QByte – Journalling the Qur’an – 2:21 and 2:168

In aya 21 Allah says, “Oh human beings, serve your Rabb, who created you and those before you so that you may be God-conscious.” Now the word here is, “ibada”.  It is that which encompasses every action which one does for the pleasure of Allah, and thus we nourish the nafs. In simple words, ibada is those acts which connect us to Allah.

Aya 168 of Suratul Bawara says, “Oh human beings, eat the lawful and good things of what is in the Earth. Don’t follow the footsteps of Shaitan – he is your open enemy.” So this highlights, do we have halal sustenance in all spheres of our life? Is everything we eat lawful and good? Do we follow the advice of the Prophet about what ot eat, for example, and what not to eat?

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