QByte – Journalling the Qur’an – 7:158

Sura Al Nisa – verse 158

“Say oh human beings. Indeed I am the messenger of Allah to all of you. And I am a messenger from Him whose is the kingdom of the heavens and the earth. There is no god but He. He brings to life and He causes to die.”

Here we are supposed to follow him, do his ittibaa, so that we may walk in the right way. So we may be guided.

What is ittibaa? If you imagine somebody walking on the sand with their footprints, and you following them and putting your feet exactly in the same place where their footprints were, that is ittibaa. Ittibaa is closely following somebody in that way. It is therefore following closely, looking and taking guidance in absolutely everything from Allah and his messenger.

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