QByte – Ahlul Janna

A profile of those who are Ahlul Janna

  1. They manifest their belief through good deeds.
  2. They strive to achieve their goals.
  3. They do not display any arrogance.
  4. They have no ill feelings towards anyone.
  5. They do not commit injustice.
  6. They are absolutely sure about the words of divinity.
  7. They have absolute trust in Him.
  8. They do not hoard.
  9. They don’t belittle others.
  10. They focus on reaching their full potential until their last breath.
  11. They have self-esteem, but with that they have humility.
  12. They are God-conscious.
  13. They have an ability to admit mistakes and make a U-turn – that is tawbah.
  14. They have an ability to exude peace wherever they go.
  15. They love their work. That means they make intelligent career choices.
  16. They are very people-oriented.
  17. They’re consistent.
  18. They recognise the rights of parents and children; they are very family-orientated.
  19. They are quick to ask His forgiveness.
  20. They recognise errors and are willing to change.
  21. They fulfill their promises.
  22. They enrich the lives of others without expecting a tangible return – their expectations are only from their Rabb.

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