QByte – Qur’an City – Introduction to Journalling the Qur’an

Connecting with the  words of Divinity is important to every human being.
In essence, it is about reading it, and then responding to it by putting it in writing, and obtain insights from the Qur’an. It prompts one to relate what we’re reading in the Qur’an to our lives in different ways and thus bring us closer to this most awesome book.

The first word revealed to humankind in the Qur’an was ‘IQRA’ (Read) and the words continued in Suratul ‘Alaq  to say that He (Allah) taught with the pen.

Allazhee ‘allama bil qalam”  96:4

Putting pen to paper is to remember and record the ayaat (verses), making them stand out. The essential thing to remember is that journalling is about reflecting on the words of Allah.

Afalaa yatatabbarunal Qur’ana am ‘alaa qulubin aqfaaluhaa” 47:24
Why do they not ponder over the Qur’an or do they have locks on their hearts.


As you read the Qur’an, allow the words of `Allah to speak to your soul.

Look for an aya or ayaat that interest you or you may have learned about in a  lecture or simply one that speaks to you. Read it with the translation to get an overview, repeating it as many times as necessary to internalize it.

Ask yourself some questions:

  1. What does the aya/ayaat say?
  2. When was it revealed?
  3. How does it relate to my life?
  4. How do I follow it?
  5. Which words should I emphasise?
  6. How can I express the meaning visually?

It could simply be by highlighting the aya/ayaat. Or it could be by illustration.

For eg. Aya 66:12 of Suratul Tahreem says: “Rabbibniy liy ‘indaka baytan fil Janna”
Rabb, build for me a house with You in Janna.

The aya could be highlighted and a house drawn near it.

The focus of Qur’an journalling is not the art but rather the significance of the aya and what it means to you.



Aya to be recited for a broken heart – Sura Al Ra’ad 13:28 –

 “Those who believe and whose hearts are at rest by the remembrance of Allah surely it is by the remembrance of Allah that hearts are set to rest.”

The aya is saying that when you feel distressed, or when your heart feels broken, or when you are stressed, then the only way to calm it down is by the remembrance of Allah. What better than to recite the Qur’an?
You would draw a little broken heart near 13:28 and highlight the verse.

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