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The word Qur’an comes from the root word kara’a, which means to recite something loudly. 86 chapters of the Qur’an are Makki, which means it was revealed in Makka (before Hijra). This constitutes 2/3 of the Qur’an. Whilst 28 chapters are Madani – revealed in Madina.

Makki chapters are short and rhythmic and lay a foundation of belief. Most the verses that begin with “Ya ayyuhan naas” – “O people!” can be found in Makki chapters. They are predominantly to do with eimaan; tawheed (monotheism), risala (guidance) & qiyama (accountability).

Monotheism takes us to our full potential through the agency of guidance and accountabilioty keeps us in check.

Madani chapters have longer verses, which mainly constitute laws of various form such as life laws, social and legal responsibilities, governance and furu.

The Qur’an constitutes of :

  • 6236 verses
  • 77807 words
  • 540 ruku’aat

The Qur’an has 4 wajib sajadat

  • Sura Al Sajda (32)
  • Sura Hamim Sajda (41)
  • Sura Al Najm (53)
  • Sura Al Alaq (96)

And finally, it is not a ceremonial book. It is a living entity, which will not allow one to enter it without intellectual humility.

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