Laylatul Qadr – Sura Al Rum

If recited with Suratul ‘Ankabut (29) on Laylatul Qadr, then guaranteed entry into Janna and Imam Sadiq (pbuh) says that he does not fear Allah will record a sin against him for giving these 2 suras such a status

The sura derives it’s name from the prophecy of the victory of the Romans over the Persians. The prophecy was made at a time when there were no signs of hope of any victory for the Romans. It was also accompanies by a prophecy of the victory of the Muslims over the Quraysh of Makka.

The sura deals with the rise and fall of temporal power.

The human being is invited to reflect upon the fate of those who belied and ridiculed the Messengers sent by Allah and those who disobeyed His laws.

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