Laylatul Qadr – Sura Al-Ankabut

A summary:

The sura is divided into 8 sections  (remember the 8 legs of the spider)

Its message revolves around afflictions or tests necessary to test one’s faith.

  1. The first section alludes to physical, emotional & social afflictions
  2. The second section reminds of the tests of past prophets
  3. The name of the sura comes from this section and warns against the flimsiness of relying on other that Divinity
  4. The solution lies in the Qur’an and Salaa
  5. When interacting with the Ahlul Kitab there is a necessity to do so with commonalities
  6. A warning against defiance
  7. When it gets impossible to survive in a situation then His earth is vast and migration (Hijra)  is necessary. A reminder that every soul will taste death.
  8. Finally, it is He who sustains and protects and for us is to strive to do

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