M 14 at a Glance

‘Imama’ literally means ‘leadership’.
In Islamic terminology an ‘Imam’ is one who has universal authority in all religious and secular affairs in succession to the Prophet (pbuh) (This should not be confused with the Imam who leads prayers for he does not have absolute command).


Amaali of Sheikh Tousi VOLUME 1: PAGE 298, Oyoun Akhbar al-Ridha 25 AND Ikmaal al-Deen of Sheikh Sadouq VOLUME 1: PAGE 308

Imam Sadiq (pbuh) said: One day my father (Imam Muhammed Al -Baqir) said to Jabir bin Abdullah Ansari, ‘I need to see you privately.’ So when my father was alone with Jabir he said, ‘Tell me about the tablet that my mother Fatima (pbuh) had.’
Jabir said: ‘Allah is my witness that I went to Fatima, daughter of Rasulullah (pbuh), to congratulate her on the birth of Husayn (pbuh). I saw a green tablet in her hand made of aquamarine. There was some writing on it with a light that was brighter than the sun and the tablet smelled better than musk.

I asked Fatima, ‘What is this tablet O Daughter of Rasulullah?’ She replied, ‘This tablet is a gift from Allah to my father. It contains the names of my father, my husband and the names of his successors from my sons after him.’ I asked her to give it to me so that I could write a copy of its contents, and she accepted.

Then my father (Muhammad Al Baqir (pbuh) asked Jabir, ‘Can you show me the copy you made?’ Jabir replied, ‘Yes’ Then Jabir went to his house and brought back a piece of paper with him. My father said to him: ‘Look at your copy to see (if) what I say (matches your copy). This is what was written on that tablet:

In the name of Allah, the Kind, the Merciful

This is a letter from Allah, the most Honourable, the most Knowledgeable, which was sent with the guardian spirit to Muhammad, the last of the Messengers.
O Muhammad, glorify my Names, be thankful for My grace, and do not deny My blessings. Do not desire anyone but Me and do not fear anyone but Me.

O Muhammad! I have chosen you from amongst all of the prophets and I have given
preference to your successor Ali above all of the successors.

I have made Hasan the container of my knowledge after the time of his father, and I have made Husayn the best of the sons from the first to the last, and through Husayn Imama will continue.

Ali, Zaynul Abideen (the beauty of the worshippers), will remain from Husayn, and then it will be Muhammad, Al Baqir (the one who open knowledge), the one who will invite people to My path through the right methods.

Then it will be Ja’far Al Sadiq (the truthful) in his speech and his actions after whom there will be a deafening conspiracy. Woe unto those who deny My slave and the best of My creation, Musa Al Kadhim (The Patient one)!
Then Ali Al Ridha (the pleasant), will be killed and be buried in the city that was built by the righteous slave.

Then Muhammad Al Taqi will come, the guide to My path, the one who safeguards My sanctity, and the one who will leave Ali behind. Ali will be the one with two names (Ali and Naqi). After him, Hasan, the honourable will lead his people.

And after him, MUHAMMAD, will rise at the end of time. There will be a white cloud over him to offer him shade from the sun. He will speak with an eloquent language and his voice will reach everyone and everywhere. He is the MAHDI of the family of Muhammad and he will fill the earth with justice, just as it will be filled with injustice.’