92. An-Nafi’
The Beneficial

The quality of An Nafi’ is One who confers benefit. An Nafi’ is the source of all benefit and goodness for the life in this world and the hereafter.  It is He who grants good health, wealth, happiness, authority, guidance and righteousness.  It is An Naafi who enables His creatures to receive the benefits He creates for them. Who facilitates the path which leads to Him for those who aspire to tread it.  Who benefited the souls through His Messengers. Who nourished the bodies with food and wards off diseases through medicine. Who keeps affliction away through His favours.

benefits of recitation

Recite Ya Nafi’ for 4 days to avoid harm. Recite 41x for completion of task. Provides safety on a journey. Recite before intimacy for pious children.

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