90. Al Maani
The Protector

Al Maani’ is one of Allah’s attributes which is derived from Man or Mania which is the opposite of giving or granting.  It also means to protect, to stop one thing from harming another or one group of people from annihilating another.  Manna was used to describe the defence of a house or a fortified fortress against an enemy, in essence it means to protect and support.  Allah has the power to stop the causes of annihilation or deficiency in both creed and body.  He wards off evil to protect and safeguard. He stops giving to whomsoever He pleases in order to protect them.  He gives life to whomsoever He loves and does not love but He does not grant the bliss of the hereafter except to those whom He loves.  In a nutshell, Allah is the one who averts harm from His creation. Al Maani therefore is One who protects, who averts harms.  He however protects and supports those who voluntarily obey Him and attach themselves to Him.

benefits of recitation

Repeat Ya Maani’ to have a good family life. Recite 20x to subside anger. Recite 161x to help relieve pain and fear. Recite for safety during journeys. Recite silently to rekindle affection between spouses.

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