9. Al Jabbar
The Compeller

Linguistically, Al Jabbar is derived from the word ‘jabr’ which is the opposite of breaking. It suggests the mending of something that is broken, crushed, shattered, fractured….. The adjective ‘jabbaar’ is also said to mean great, inaccessible…. Linguists say Al Jabbar means – the most Great, the Supreme Al Jabbar also means the One Whose will prevails. Nothing can happen in His domain except what He pleases. It may also mean the One Who repairs, improves, reforms, corrects…. He is the one who not only mends what is broken but also enriches the one who is in want.

benefits of recitation

Recite Ya Jabbar 21x each time and you should not be compelled to do anything. Recite for safety against tyrant.

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