89. Al Mughni
The Enricher

The attribute Al Mughni is very much related to Al Ghaniy, however Al Mughni is the Enricher. Al Mughni grants His fadhl, His favours to his abd abundantly.  He facilitates for them the achievements of their goals and objectives and the meeting of their everyday needs. There is neither independence nor self-sufficiency except that Allah, the Al Mughni has caused it to exist.  He enriches His friends from the treasure of His Nur, facilitates with those that live in the Universe to access the means of their livelihood and sustenance by Him being Al Mughni. 

benefits of recitation

Recite Ya Mughni 1000 x every Friday to become self-sufficient. Recite 1121x every Friday for 10 Fridays to eliminate nervous tension. Recite on hands and pass over afflicted part of body to recover. For spiritual and material wealth, recite 11x Salawat, followed by 1111x Ya Mughni and end with 11x Salawat and Suratul Muzzammil.

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