87. Al Jaami
The Gatherer

Al Jaami’ derives from the word Jama’a, the root word which means to gather or assemble or combine. The day of gathering is in essence the Day of Judgement and is called so because Allah will gather in it all creation, the first and the last, the jinn and human kind, all the residents of the heavens and the earth, each and every abd of Allah and his deeds, every oppressor and the one he oppressed, every Prophet and those to whom he was sent, He will also combine the reward of those who obeyed Him and the penalty of those who disobeyed Him.

benefits of recitation

Repeat Ya Jaami’ to find lost things or be reconciled with someone who has separated. Do ghusl at Zhuhr anf lifting gaze towards heavens recite Ya Jaami’ 10x closing each finger as you do so to reconcile dispersed family.

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