86. Al Muqsit
The Equitable

The attribute Al Muqsit means the One who is Equitable. Allah is the one who acts and distributes injustice and fairness. The word qist means the implementing of justice by taking that one has lawfully acquired to give it back to its lawful owner. Looking at all the different words around the root word qist, which is translated as equity or fairness. Aqsada means implemented justice. Qasada means being inequitable or unfair; Qasid is an unfair and an inequitable person or even an oppressor even. Muqsad is one who is fair in his judgement or decision. So essentially Al Muqsit is an attribute which implements justice by assuring that what belongs to someone is returned to them. It’s also called “insaaf” carrying out equity.

benefits of recitation

Repeat Ya Muqsit 100x to be free from the harm of your idol/ego and you should attain your purpose. Recite 700x for hajat. If the mind wanders in salaa recite 239x before salaa. Also recite for anger and depression.

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