83. Ar Rauf
The Clement

Linguistically Ar Raoof is derived from Ra’afa which means intense mercy or compassion, in other words the ultimate limit of rahma. When applied to Allah it means He is warding off all types of evil. Ar Raoof therefore refers to the one who does not cease to be kind and compassionate to the sinners by accepting their repentance. It conveys the same meaning as Ar Raheem with an intensification of the meaning embedded in it. Amongst the manifestations of Allah’s rahma towards His ibaad is that He protects them against committing what will incur His wrath or His anger and such a protection from slipping from the right path carries a stronger sense of Rahma than His forgiveness for sins which have already been committed.

benefits of recitation

Repeat Ya Ra’uf frequently to be blessed. Recite also to gain affection of creation.

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