81. Al Muntaqim
The Avenger

The word Al Muntaqim is derived from the noun Intiqaam which means avenging or retribution against someone. Allah punishes those who persist in revolting, those who create disharmony and who tyrannise His creation. They are the ones who do not have eiman and attribute partners to Allah. The best way to understand Al Muntaqim is when we can see how Al Muntaqim manifests itself in the body. In the means for its natural defence system when a germ violates the sanctity of the body it is Al Muntaqim which provides the means to kill the germ as a penalty for the violation and purge the body from it. Al Muntaqim therefore facilitates the removal of what is bad, harmful or dangerous. The worst of all foes of humankind is really their own insinuating selves, the part of the nafs which is within each and every one of us. Allah gives time and occasion to realise and repent for wrong doing. He warns with repeated warnings and He accepts excuses and delays punishment.

benefits of recitation

Repeat Ya Muntaqim to be victorious against your enemy. To remove a tyrant from power, recite Ya Muntaqimu and Ya Qahhaar 1000x.

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