79. Al Barr
The Source of Goodness

Al Barr is the attribute of Allah which is derived from Barr which means the doer of goodness, Birr meaning the doing of benevolent deeds. Al Barr therefore is an inclusive word containing all the attributes of goodness, benevolence and charity. If His abd intends to do a good deed but is unable to actualise it Allah as Al Barr rewards the intention as if it were actualised. But if His abd intends to sin and is unable to actualise it Allah forgives the intention. When you do good to Allah’s creation even if it is by a smile or a kind word you will see the reflection of Al Barr in you.

benefits of recitation

Repeat Ya Barr frequently to be blessed and be free from misfortune. Recite 7x daily to create aversion to bad habits. If recited 7x on a newborn baby it will give the child protection from calamities.

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