78. Al Muta’ali
The Exalted

The root word of “al-Muta’ali” is ‘uluww which means height, sublimity, loftiness. Al-Muta’ali is Exalted in His Greatness and Honours which nobody reaches besides Him. His Honour cannot be comprehended or measured in human terms. Al-Muta’ali is above deficiencies or shortcomings, or above being conceived by anyone’s imagination. He does not need any of what He creates, He does not need the worship of those who worship Him; He makes His grace available to all those who strive to attain it. Everything on the earth evolves from health to sickness, from youth to old age. Allah is free from all defects and above them all.

benefits of recitation

Repeat Ya Muta’ali to ease difficulties. Recommended for women to recite during menstruation to relieve ailments. If demoted recite 540x to be restored to honour. Also effective for interviews.

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