71. Al Muqaddim
The Promoter

The word Muqaddim comes from the root word ‘taqdeem’ which means advancing or promoting or preferring. Al Muqaddim here means the one who presents things and places them in their right place. Al Muqaddim is He who advances the rank and status of whoever deserves to be advanced or preferred or favoured over others. In other words, He brings forward whoever He wills. He advances human beings according to the sincerity of their submission to Him and protects them against falling into disobedience if they have connected themselves to Him. He has advanced the human being amongst all His creation by giving them the ability of freewill, reasoning and intelligence. He invites the whole of humanity to truth but advances those who respond to the invitation.

benefits of recitation

Repeat when you are afraid of being alone in a frightening place. Recite to present things in their right places.

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