69. Al Qaadir
The Able

Al Qaadir, translated in English is the All Powerful. Allah is the All Powerful. He does what He wills, as He wills. The root word of ‘Al Qaadir’ is the noun ‘Qudra’ which means might, power, ability or decree. Allah created the universe without needing the help of anything and from neither materials nor models. If He wills He can destroy everything and send it all back to nothingness as if nothing has happened. It’s not that He doesn’t have the power to make it happen, it’s because He hasn’t willed it. Al Qaadir has infinite ability; it is a capacity of causing things to happen. The power of invention and creation – they’re all conditioned by one thing His will.

benefits of recitation

Recite Ya Qaadir while washing each limb during the wudhoo and no enemy should harm you. If you face a difficulty recite 41x to be free from difficulty. Recite 305x when love not responded to.

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