68. As Samad
The Eternal

As Samad is an attribute of Allah which is also known as ism e ‘azam, a great name. As Samad has a lot of meaning, its linguistic meanings include the ultimate goal, the obeyed Master without whose command nothing can happen, the support of those who need to be supported, the one to whom all matters are referred, the one to whom all issues are rendered and regarding which nobody else decides, the one to whom pleads are directed. As Samad however in essence is the satisfier of all needs and all are in need of Him, yet He is in need of none. It is As Samad that we approach to grant our pleas, the one to whom we plead to make wishes come true. He is the one who we seek during times of need.

benefits of recitation

Repeat 1000x to know the hidden meanings of things. Recite 115x at dawn or at midnight while in sajda, to be safe from oppression. Recite to improve character.

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