48. Al Majeed
The Glorious

Allah is the most majestic and glorious and in the meaning of Al Majeed there are two elements; one is His majesty or power which keeps Him above and beyond any attempt to reach Him and the other is His glory and honour as shown in His beautiful actions and state for which He is praised and loved. Allah is glorious and majestic in whole of His creation and beyond. No power can touch Him yet He is closer to His abd than their own soul. His love and compassion for them is far greater than their own care for themselves. His bounties are infinite and there is no end to His rahma. His state is pure perfection and His acts are pure wisdom.

benefits of recitation

Recite ya Majeed 100x at iftar on the 13th, 14th & 15th of the Lunar month to cure sickness especially psoriasis, heart disease and depression.

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