30. Al Lateef
The Subtle

Al Lateef is one of Allah’s attributes derived from extreme kindness and compassion in a way which no human faculty can ever comprehend. Al Lateef continuously pours His blessings on His servants; His actions are always khayr (good). It also means the One Who cannot be sensed by human senses or those of all other beings, Who knows all hidden things.

benefits of recitation

Recite Ya Lateef 129x when stressed or depressed. Recite “Allahu Lateefun bi ‘ibaadihi yarzuku manyashaau wa huwal Qawiyyul ‘Azeez” (12:100) 9x daily for ease. Recite 133x for abundance in sustenance. After 2 rakaats salaa recite it 11x for deliverance from poverty, illness, sickness, loneliness and misery.

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