19. Al ‘Aleem
The Knower

Al ‘Aleem is derived from Ilm, which means knowledge and it results from comprehending the truth about something and from the sure conviction which agrees with reality. Al ‘Aleem is the one who knows all; he knows what has happened, what is happening and what will happen from the beginning to the end. All existence is present at all times in the knowledge of Al ‘Aleem; he knows the hidden and the manifest, the small and the great, the before and the after.

benefits of recitation

Recite ya ‘Aleem 100x after every wajib salaa for intuition. For hidden knowledge, do sajda on Friday night and recite ya ‘Aleem 100x. Recite ya ‘Aleem for the heart to be illuminated. For hajat, go outside, pray 2 rakat salaa and then recite ya ‘Aleem 1000x.

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